New Sensation: INX80S

Fri, Apr 24, 2020

New Sensation: INX80S


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New Sensation, the American INXS Tribute band now brings back to Venkman’s on September 21st the full INXS Tribute concert plus unique cameo appearance tracks from the 80’s that are rarely heard live today. It’s the best of INXS plus the best of the 80’s - without the fluff. You’ll get the full INXS experience plus select songs from INXS friends Duran Duran, Gary Numan, The Fixx, Men at Work, and more. It’s the INXS Live Tribute (plus).


General Admission is standing room only.

Additional reservations are not required if a table, booth or banquette have been purchased via Big Tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: If earlier dinner reservations are made, your seats are not guaranteed for the show. For example, it is unlikely to be able to reserve a table at 8:00pm and keep it for a 10:00pm show. The only way to guarantee a seat for the show is to purchase table, booth, or banquette tickets.

Reservations for the Captain’s Room (private dining room) please contact

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